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You Are Never Too Little to Make a Difference

I recently had the pleasure of leading the chapel time for our church's child development center. Our Bible story for the day was about Jesus feeding the 5000. I have taught this story, found in John 6, in Sunday school before, often throwing some Goldfish crackers and pretzels in as a symbolic snack. Usually, I look at this story from the perspective of "Jesus cares for us/performs miracles." And that is certainly true. However, when I began to prepare this lesson for these 3 and 4 year olds, I began to notice that not only does Jesus care about us and perform miracles, but the youngster and his meager lunch have an important part in this story. 3 and 4 years olds, as well as 30-something year olds, need to remember that we are never too little to make a difference. It's so easy to look at these youngsters and think about all that they will accomplish...someday. But the truth is, we cannot overlook what they can accomplish today. I found a story about a little girl who began selling lemonade made with honey to raise awareness and funds for bee preservation. She wasn't much older than the children I taught that day when she began this simple step toward a big problem. I don't know that any of the little ones I had in chapel that day will save the world on a large scale right away. I do know that they are not too little to make a difference and are already doing so in the lives of their families, friends, classmates, and community. The image for this post is the coloring page I made for them, which I hope served as a reminder of their difference-making abilities.

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