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Inspirational Reading from "Our State"

Many years ago, I remember coming across issues of the magazine "Our State". It featured articles about the beautiful places, delicious food, and fascinating people of North Carolina. It has always been glossy and gorgeous, filled with nostalgia and and hope. I have always enjoyed reading it, and once I became active on social media, followed them. Recently, they have shared some beautiful articles about sharing meals. I wanted to share this here as a type of “support material” to say that there are some of us who believe in the holy act of food.

“Our Mothers’ House” by Emiene Wright tells of two ladies in their 70’s and 80’s who took it upon themselves to cook and serve Sunday dinners to congregants from their church. Most of these parishioners do not have family in the area, and this is a chance for them to have a family meal away from home. You can read the entire article here: https://www.ourstate.com/our-mothers-house-charlotte-north-carolina/

“Bringing Back the Sunday Supper” by Bridgette A. Lacy discusses the beauty of a shared meal with friends and family. Throughout her journey of life marked by Sunday suppers, she makes a remark that struck me. “The communal act of breaking bread and celebrating life is essential. Sunday dinner, especially in the South, is more than a meal — it’s a state of mind.” Here is the link to this article: https://www.ourstate.com/bringing-back-the-sunday-supper/

“Parson’s Table: Ladies Who Lunch” by Jennifer Brookland is the story of a church fundraiser that has been going on for 40 years around the High Point Furniture Market. The High Point Furniture Market is a big deal, and an especially big deal for the people of High Point. The ladies of First United Methodist Church of High Point decided that, to raise money for missions and other projects, they would cook and serve lunch in the church basement. Today, this project serves up to 400 meals on the busiest days. To read more about this, click here: https://www.ourstate.com/ladies-who-lunch-parsons-table-high-point-market-north-carolina/

I realize that most everyone can agree that food is good, good food is great, and food with those you love is even better. However, it sure is nice to see other people in action, sharing the intersection of faith, food, and community. I encourage you to follow "Our State" for more articles like these. I know I will keep reading and enjoying them!

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