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In Defense of the Church Potluck

I have sat in many a church staff meeting and heard many reasons against having a potluck (or covered dish dinner, as those of us who grew up in the country call it.) “People don’t like to cook.” “People don’t have time to cook.” “There’s not enough food.” “It’s too much work.” And I get it. As a working mom to a preschooler, I know firsthand how tricky it is to add one more thing into my schedule. It’s not always convenient to swing through Bojangles on the way to church. Making enough of something to share usually requires a trip to the grocery store. Not easy. Not convenient. Expensive.

But, in our haste to make things easier on our modern friends, we miss something. There is so much beauty in sharing a meal together. We talk, we laugh, we try new food and old favorites. We learn that Julia is known for her ham and potato breakfast casserole, and Brent for his roast pork. We taste Hannah’s blue-ribbon winning apple pie and see why she is a clear winner. People that share our pews, serve with us on our committees, and teach our children in Sunday school sit beside us in folding chairs in crowded fellowship halls and share stories of their lives that we would have never otherwise known. And it is holy. And beautiful.

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