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Doughnut Decisions

"So I went to Publix this morning, and the doughnuts were so hot, the glaze just fell off of them. It's all melted in the bottom."

"Have you tried Dapper Doughnuts? They are so good - they are made to order with any topping you want!"

"Donut Life is sooo good. They are delicious and HUGE!"

"Oh man...are those Krispy Kreme?"

"I like the blueberry Munchkins from DD the best. I always ask for them."

At our early service, we have a dedicated family that brings snacks, including Dunkin Donuts' Munchkins. We have a few other congregants that help out by bringing other goodies, including the aforementioned Publix doughnuts. We all know, of course, that doughnuts are not the healthiest food in the world. But they are so yummy. They are especially yummy on a Sunday morning when you arrive early for band practice and missed breakfast. Or when you are looking for something to go with your coffee while you listen to the sermon. Or when you are four years old and snacks of any kind look amazing at church. Sure, there are cheese slices and bananas. Sometimes there is bread. Sometimes a different kind of pastry. But they are doughnuts. And doughnuts, especially in church, get people talking.

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